• Jan  Matt Ricci
  • Daniele on Hole 17
  • Danielle with Bueno's Foursome
  • Duane and Mike Whiteman closest to pin
  • Duane, Jan and longest drive
  • Eric Eymann
  • Sharon A with Bobbys Foursome
  • Winning Foursome with Niki and Duane
  • Niki with closest to pin winner and Duane
  • Registration
  • Ryan and Alyssa

South Tahoe Chamber of Commerce

The South Tahoe Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven community organization that is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to helping create a vibrant local economy for people who live in South Lake Tahoe and for smaller businesses whose owners and operators need a strong local, diversified, and environmentally sound local economy, sound local government policies that relate to business, responsible private property rights, and prosperity for all, not just a few.

The  Chamber works specifically with small business owners on the California side of Lake Tahoe.  Our focus is helping the South Shore businesses with regulatory and legislative issues that affect the way you do business in Lake Tahoe and provide programs to help you develop new contacts, gain more knowledge and give you the regulatory support to run a successful business.

Our Mission Statement:
The South Tahoe Chamber of Commerce shall serve as an advocate for business and residents of South Lake Tahoe recognizing that the welfare of our economy rests on the ability of our diverse population to sustain our natural environment in balance with the recreational, professional, cultural, educational, economic, and civic well being of our residents and visitors in the South Lake Tahoe area.

Would you like to get involved? Call Jan Hansen (530) 542-5060, (916) 955-8434.

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